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Ready to Lead. Ready to Serve.

My name is Mike Khan

and I am running for County Commissioner
Fort Bend County Precinct 3

I came to this country at a young age with only $400 in my pocket, a dream and a can-do attitude. I came in pursuit of the American Dream and have never looked back. 

My experience is proven not only in the breadth of the many types of operations I have led and managed, but in the depth in understanding of its business which allow me to make these organizations succeed. 

I have been involved in countless charitable causes in an attempt to give back to my community and help those around me.

Having lived with my family in Fort Bend County for over 20 years and having made the various contributions to my state and city, the very sense of purpose and drive which helped me realize the American Dream has brought me here.

I believe I am uniquely qualified to lead operations, manage budgets and oversee spending for Fort Bend County Precinct 3

Proven Leader

During Mike’s career, he has served in many roles of leadership. He has owned and operated several successful businesses and knows how to manage spending and where to put our tax dollars to work.

Proactive Leader

Mike understands that our county must have a proactive and proven leader in this important role. Someone who is qualified to lead operations, manage budgets, and oversee spending for a county that will soon have a million residents.

Committed Leader

In more than 25 years as a Texas resident, Mike has established his family in the beautiful community of Fort Bend county. He is committed to preserving the quality of life for Precinct 3 residents by protecting, funding, and supporting law enforcement. Mike has years of experience in business management; he knows how to balance budgets and he will work hard to protect our tax dollars while supporting the continued economic strength of Precinct 3.

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