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mike khan

for County Commissioner,
Fort Bend County Precinct 3

Mike Khan is a community leader and experienced business owner. Mike is passionate about preserving our quality of life, supporting our law enforcement, and protecting your tax dollars.

experienced business owner

committed community leader

"I came to this country at a young age with only $400 in my pocket, a dream and a can-do attitude.
I came in pursuit of the American Dream and have never looked back."

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Infrastructure and Transportation

Create comprehensive transportation plans that address current challenges, anticipate future growth, and promote alternative transportation modes. Pursue partnerships and funding opportunities to make necessary infrastructure improvements, expand public transportation options, and enhance overall quality of life in Fort Bend County.

Flood Management and Resilience

Create a comprehensive flood management plan, collaborate with agencies to secure funding and resources for flood mitigation projects, and encourage green infrastructure. Engage residents in flood preparedness initiatives to enhance community resilience and reduce the impacts of flooding.

Economic Development and Job Creation

Foster a business-friendly environment, create industry-specific training programs, and support entrepreneurship to attract and grow businesses in Fort Bend County. Invest in cultural initiatives to showcase the county's unique attractions and stimulate the local economy.

Education, Youth Programs and Parental Choice

Advocate for increased funding, promote local control, and support school choice initiatives to strengthen public education. Expand access to early childhood education programs and develop partnerships to create mentorship, internship, and recreational programs for youth.

Affordable Housing and Community Development

Collaborate with organizations and institutions to create mixed-income communities with diverse housing options. Implement policies to prevent gentrification and displacement, and support community development initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods while preserving the unique character of Fort Bend County's communities.

Public Safety and Emergency Services

Advocate for adequate funding for public safety and emergency services, address the root causes of crime, and promote community policing initiatives. Support recruitment, training, and retention of diverse first responders, and enhance emergency preparedness with updated systems and equipment.

Transparency and Accountability

Foster transparency and accountability in local government by engaging residents in decision-making processes, utilizing technology for communication, and implementing open data policies. Encourage regular public forums and establish performance metrics to ensure high-quality services that meet community needs.

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March 1st, 2022

Primary Election

February 14 – 25, 2022

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January 31, 2022

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